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Merino Sweater V-Neck Woman Grey Melange

Merino Sweater V-Neck Woman Grey Melange

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We mixed extra-fine Merino Wool / Cotton yarn to get an all-season garment and benefits from 2 natural fibers. To keep up our responsible work as a brand, we used certified wool and carefully selected long staple U.S. Pima cotton. The yarn is a compact yarn with extra high twist. We added a “super wash”-treatment in yarn production for less pilling.

You can wash it in a washing machine, but keep in mind, this is a Merino garment, and have benefits of not needing to be washed so often, simply air it out when needed. We aim for the best only. High quality, soft touch and high performance. 

70% Certified Merino Wool 30% U.S Pima Cotton

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